Meet the Owners who made this all possible!

Gary Reichart

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Food Business Management from Purdue University.
  • Created G&E Farms of Madison County in 1976, which at one time was the largest processing tomato producer East of California.
  • Fresh Tomato Processor and Grower from 1976 to 2004.
  • Fresh Processing Jalapeno Grower since 1988.
  • Created the Red Gold Agriculture Department to develop and maintain a tomato grower base for fresh processing tomatoes and helped make it the largest fresh tomato processor outside of California.
  • Former Vice President of Red Gold Agriculture Department.
  •  Two time E.A. Reichart Award Winner presented by Red Gold, Inc. for outstanding quality, production, and industry leadership of fresh processing tomatoes.
  • Roman R. Romanowski Award Winner presented by Mid-American Food Processors Association for excellence and dedication to the fresh vegetable processing industry.
  • Created GEM Seeds, a tomato seed development and production company, specializing in processing tomato varieties.
  • Assists with development and evaluation of new habanero, jalapeno, and banana pepper varieties for fresh processing use.
  •  Owner and Operator of G & E Farms Madison County Inc.
  • Co-owner and Operator of G and G Peppers, LLC.


  Greg Cox

  • Successful family farmer since 1975.
  • Fresh processing tomato grower from 1980 to 2005.
  • Greenhouse transplant producer since 1985.
  • Expanded greenhouse transplant production internationally in 1992 to include Mexico, Greece, Romania, and Hungary.
  • Produces all jalapeno pepper transplants for both G&E and Cox Farms for G and G Peppers, LLC Production.
  • Currently produces 50 million transplants for various processing fruits and vegetables around the world.
  •  Developed a partnership and consulting service to greenhouse transplant growers in California.
  • Board member of the Indiana Vegetable Growers Association.
  • Co-owner and Operator of G and G Peppers, LLC
  •  Owner and operator of Cox Farms



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