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Product Summary 

This product is made from field ripened extra hot heat peppers that are washed, inspected, de-stemmed, and diced to your specifications. This product has a scoville heat level of 3,000 to 45,000. You may choose the desired heat level, dice size, and color ratio. A vinegar solution with salt and other preservatives are added to ensure a fresh-like quality and consistency.

  • Standard Dice Sizes: 3/8th, 3/16th
  • Specialty cuts offered: 3/16C, 1/8C, 1/16th, Puree and MicroCut (See our SpecialtyCuts page!)
  • Colors offered: Currently ONLY OFFERED as a MIX (Red,Green,Orange,Yellow).
  • Offered in Hot and Extra Hot!

We offer our Habanero Pepper Products in an assortment of packaging options listed below!

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